Buying the Hype

Have you ever needed an MP3, like right away, especially one of those hot, recently-leaked singles from some forthcoming blog-fave Pitchfork-bait indie group-of-the-moment?

Then you’ve probably used Hype Machine, that fantastic site that allows you to search MP3 blogs for downloadable tracks. Well, Hype Machine has an update out, only it’s not available yet, and it won’t be until everyone pitches in. This is what the relevant page says:

The NEW Hype Machine wants to see 10,000 of you before it comes out to play. Leave this page open and it’ll reload when everyone’s here.

Sick of waiting? Tell your friends.

Count me in with the sick of waiting crowd. Right now, there are less than 4,000 people with the page open. So go on and load that bad boy up in a separate window and let it sit for a while.