Further Thoughts on The Wire

Our comments system is still a work in progress. Loyal reader Maureen Miller, who has taught in inner-city public schools, sends some very astute remarks.

(Would have just left a comment on the blog, but I was having trouble with the new system.)

The thing that kills me about highbrow analysis of The Wire is that it all but ignores the perspective of “cerebral urbanites” who don’t insulate themselves from The Wire’s world (teachers, non-profit entrepreneurs, DAs, etc.). And some have positions very counter to Simon about economic prospects for high-poverty communities, particularly in regard to the role of public schools. For Season 4, for example, I’d have found it much more interesting to see a conversation about the season between, I don’t know, Ed Burns and Dacia Toll of Achievement First rather than that one Slate did between Meghan O’Rourke and Simon. I just hope teachers start showing excerpts to their students, if they don’t first get asked to leave for trying, like they probably would now.

In terms of your Mayor Simon comment, though: Simon does propose a Mayor Ed Burns…

“Burns, Simon said, ‘always pushes me further than I would go on my own.’ He is the show’s policy visionary—the one who, Simon half joked, ‘is only working in TV till somebody realizes that they ought to give him all the money to fix our social problems.’”