At some point, assuming my brain doesn’t suffer a complete deadline-and-work-related meltdown in the next few days (not entirely certain at this point), I may have extended thoughts on the new Radiohead album. But right now I’ll just say that after having given it a few listens, I think it’s quite good, especially the first track, “15 Step.”

In the meantime, make sure to check out the newest indie-rock blog darlings, Black Kids, who hail from my former hood of Jacksonville, FL (and got a nice mention in a CMJ-related New York Times article this morning). Their internet-only debut EP, Wizard of Ahhhs, is totally free (three cheers for innovative distribution methods!), so you have absolutely no excuse not to give it a virtual spin.

You will also want to listen to the free songs available from Belgian band Goose, who seem to be involved in some strange and fantastic experiment to genetically cross-breed Euro-disco, new wave, and late 80s punk rock. Fan of Death from Above 1979? Or The Rapture? Then this is bound to get you going. What I really love about these guys is how cocky they are, the way their songs seem to sneer and strut. They’re like the musical equivalent of a stubbly part-time-actor/trust fund brat (you know who I’m talking about) calling over his three model girlfriends after remarking on how cheap your shoes are. Except awesome rather than awful.