Luddite Ross


Today a friend walked into my office, all abuzz over some new online service or gizmo – let’s call it “Z.” He tried to describe to me what it does, failed, and said: “Oh, it’s like a much slicker version of Y.” I responded, “What’s Y?” He said – “Oh, well, it’s the newer, more popular version of X.” I said: “What’s X?” Which suggests that I’m well on my way to crossing the Teachout threshold.

was me, predictably enough.

In other news, I’ve started a tumblelog. Though I’m a fanatical early adopter, I’m late to this particular tool. Our own Alan Jacobs has been tumblelogging for some time now. At some point in the future I will subject people to my Vimeo videos, at which point the circle will close and I will be an official, card-carrying jackass.