Feasting Only With The Eyes

Back at my old blog, I had a habit of posting menus of holiday meals. I hope I may be indulged in that same habit here. Please do not be shy about telling me that it’s not welcome. This year we didn’t host Thanksgiving dinner, so I made up for it by hosting dinners Friday and Saturday night. The menus were identical except for the meat and the dessert, as indicated below. I’ve linked to recipes where relevant, though I usually adapted to a greater or lesser degree.

Puree of white bean soup with sage pesto
Roast capon with herbs (Friday only)
Cranberry and kumquat sauce (Friday only, to serve with capon)
Rack of lamb with a mustard and herb crust (Saturday only)
Challah bread stuffing with chestnuts, mushrooms and pumpkin
Sauteed turnip, parsnip and pumpkin dice
Shaved fennel and apple salad
Steamed broccoli florets
Flourless chocolate orange cake (Friday only)
Chocolate layer cake with raspberry jam filling and chocolate icing (Saturday only)