While we’re on the subject of the drug war (about which Reihan and Brad Plumer are both absolutely correct), I should note that Matt Yglesias is exactly right about The Wire. It’s far and away the best show that’s ever been on television. I feel somewhat strange sometimes when saying this, because trying to compare any other show to it seems vaguely dishonest, and, at the bare minimum, completely unfair. It’s like asking, “Who would win in a race between a bunch of Olympic sprinters and The Flash?” Those sprinters are probably pretty excellent, but it’s just not a contest.

The show’s fifth season starts in January, but you really need to catch up on previous seasons before seeing it. For those who’re already in the loop, there are three short prequel teasers for the upcoming season online at Amazon. I’m actually only mildly impressed with the teasers, but they’ll do until the real stuff starts.