Blood, I Say

Jeffrey Overstreet points us to this appropriately mysterious advertisement for an upcoming multi-city midnight showing of There Will Be Blood.*

In the comments section of Jeffrey’s post, Christianity Today film critic Peter Chattaway says he can’t recall if the scene is in the film, and wonders if it’s in the movie or not. It isn’t, but, despite having seen the film just yesterday, I had the same reaction, and I think it’s telling. Blood, which just topped the IndieWire film critics’ poll, is such an eerie, strange work that it’s tough to trust your own memory of the thing. Coming out of the film, it’s difficult to know what, exactly, you just saw, and probably impossible to know what, if anything, it means.

*You can see the whole list of cities, along with theaters, here. The DC show is at the Georgetown theater. I’m considering going, if only because of how much I love midnight movies, and how few chances I have to see them these days.