Suderman Elsewhere

My review of the new Aaron Sorkin/Mike Nichols collaboration, Charlie Wilson’s War, is now up at NRO. Like a number of critics I found it mildly amusing at times, but was frustrated by both its superficiality and its neutered politics. (And I say that as perhaps the only right-leaning fan of both The West Wing and The American President.)

For geeks who appreciate the difference between sci-fi and s.f., I’ve got a piece on the unfortunate decline of Ender’s Game scribe Orson Scott Card in the latest New Atlantis. (You’ll also want to take notice of fellow TAS contributor Cheryl Miller’s delightful piece on Edith Wharton.)

And if you still can’t get enough, I’ve also been blogging over at Commentary’s new arts blog, the horizon, where I’ve recently written about Blade Runner, Dexter and Before the Devil Knows You’re Dead.