Omar Loves to Dance

“Oh indeed.”

Michael K. Williams, better known as The Wire‘s Omar and also the cop from R. Kelly’s Trapped in the Closet, apparently loves to dance.

I was always dancing. I came out the womb dancing. But before I became a professional dancer, I was 23 years old, working for Pfizer pharmaceuticals and going to BMCC — a.k.a. the thirteenth grade. I had a very turbulent teenage life — drugs, rehab, all that crap — and that was my way of getting my life together, going to school, getting a job. And then here comes Janet Jackson flashing her ass across the screen, talking about Rhythm Nation — I went crazy. I set off to become a Janet Jackson dancer. I wore the tour jacket, the Doc Marten boots, all that. She inspired the shit out of me.

I mean, seriously, who didn’t spend several years of their misspent youth on tour with Rhythm Nation? My only hope is that Michael K. Williams’ scar didn’t come from a traumatic stiletto blow to the head from “Ms. Jackson” herself, delivered on account of Williams’ “nastiness.” As it turns out, I have many connections to the Borough of Manhattan Community College and I love to dance, so I found this particularly affecting.