Raw Milk Ron Paul

Ron Paul agrees with me on the most pressing and important issue of the day — the legalization of unpasteurized milk. For some reason, this came to mind as I saw this amazing Mark Anderson playing card on Drawn!. You should also check out the animated Los Campesinos! videos which remind me of my great regret in life: that I never became an animator. Los Campesinos!, by the way, are pretty decent. I’m a sucker for all songs that explicitly reference mixtapes, like Los Campesinos!’ It Started with A Mixx and The Promise Ring’s Make Me A Mixtape, both of which belong on all mixtapes. (Pretty crafty!)

I haven’t said anything about the Caucus results. Well, I don’t want to jinx anything. So far everything is going according to plan … Rest assured, the plan does not involve a military coup led by General David Petraeus. I swear!