Gay Survivalists of Rapetown

Jamie Kirchick has released his long talked about piece on Ron Paul. Apparently everyone in Washington was reading it and so it was difficult to get to TNR’s server. Just a few interesting notes. The piece is titled "Angry White Man," which is odd because that is also the title of an old Washington City Paper profile of the paleo-conservative and racialist theorist Sam Francis.

Kirchick focuses on offensive things that appeared in various Ron Paul newsletters in the 80s and 90s. Apparently there was such a thing called "The Ron Paul Survival Report"- (I’m trying to imagine other congressmen giving their names to something like that: The Jerry Nadler Survival Report perhaps?)

My immediate thoughts are these: Shouldn’t it be "Avuncular White Man"? Paul can get worked up about sound money, or the military industrial complex, but I don’t see him all that angry, ever. I interviewed the man for over an hour and I didn’t get a whiff of gunpowder from him. Talcum powder, maybe.  After preparing us for an absolutely devastating indictment Kirchick ends his piece with a really lame charge.

Maybe such outbursts mean Ron Paul really is a straight-talker. Or maybe they just mean he is a man filled with hate.

Uh… maybe I’m bored already. Can we go back to the part where someone (Kirchick gives us no clue who) called New York City Rapetown?

The indispensable Dave Weigel reports Paul’s response in which he gives MLK and Rosa Parks the goldbug hug.

Also noteworthy DC gays love Dr. No. Berin Szoka writes:

The richest irony is that the Ron Paul grassroots campaign in Washington, DC—Jamie’s hometown—has found its earliest and strongest supporters in DC’s gay community. It would not surprise me if our slate of delegate and alternate delegate candidates for Ron Paul is the gayest slate in DC (measured by number of gay individuals—not gayness of individuals), very probably the gayest slate in DC ever 

You hear that? Gayest slate ever!