Our Man in New Hampshire

Things Ezra Klein has been right about this week:

—Obama not only appeals to the young, he — unlike pretty much all the other politicians with strong youth appeal — is actually one of them.

—How Mark Penn’s dubious microtrends have made Hillary Clinton’s campaign about nothing.

—Why John Edwards is the real Oprah candidate.

What’s wrong with Hillary’s change message.

—The FairTax is not a good idea.

Plainly, the man’s on a roll. Apparently this is what happens when he stops blogging about health-care policy — I start agreeing with him. A lot.

(On the other hand, I don’t buy his complaint about conservatives, specifically at the Corner, being overly glib. I think there’s plenty of room for snark and poking fun on both sides of the aisle, and if he doesn’t care for these particular attempts, that’s probably mostly a sign that the remarks weren’t really designed to appeal to liberals. Matt Yglesias, a blogger I like and read regularly, makes liberal use of cutting remarks, and Sadly, No!, which I often find funny, traffics almost exclusively in snark and sneering. It’s probable that people of different political persuasions won’t find the same things funny — so conservatives won’t like a lot of what’s at Sadly, No! and liberals will doubtless be nonplussed by Mark Steyn’s quips — and that’s fine, and even to be expected. But I don’t think there’s anything wrong with regular injections of glib remarks into political discussion.)