Say Yea

Let’s talk briefly about what seems to be on the mind of nearly everyone within about a 15 block radius of DC’s U. Street Metro stop. No, I don’t mean Ron Paul, Barack Obama, or who said what at the last Reason happy hour.

Instead I mean: Why did the Black Cat decide to book Yeasayer on its tiny backstage?

Here’s a band that’s been tearing up Brooklyn, earned raves from Pitchfork, and, just a few months after the release of its first album, seems to have achieved a considerable measure of not just buzz, but stature (well-deserved, I think).

And yet they’ve been confined to the venue’s 170 person Backstage. The problem isn’t really the lower-tech setup. It’s that a pretty substantial number of people weren’t able to secure tickets. What’s more, the venue seems to have absolutely nothing going on upstairs that evening.

So how about it Black Cat? Want to endear yourself to DC’s hipster community?* Make some Yeasayer fans very happy? And, you know, sell a bunch of tickets? Move the show upstairs!

*Yes. I know.