Talk to the Shoe

It may disappoint you to learn I’ve never liked Steve Carell and his leading role in Get Smart fills me with distrust and suspicion. But Anne Hathaway is an inspired choice, and the anecdotal evidence of her actorly ad-libbing seems promising. Unlike the sky-diving sequence. I hold out hope. But if this turns out to be The Avengers (1998) meets Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle, I propose that Carell be permanently installed beneath the cone of silence.

(Fun facts: Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle features one of Beck’s best songs, “Real Good Time,” which nonetheless had to be sung by Pink to make it into the movie. The Avengers almost featured a track called “Big Boots,” a reworked-but-abandoned version of cult never-recorded Radiohead tune “Man o’ War.” You can see the band caught in studio hell, halfway between rework and abandon, in the nightmarish tour documentary Meeting People is Easy.)