The Monster Mash

The hipper-than-thou house style of executive producer J.J. Abrams is evident all throughout Cloverfield, and this is not a good thing. Talk about your high concepts and imagine the pitch meeting: “It’s a first person episode of Felicity interrupted by a humongous, pissed-off crustacean!” — Keith Uhlich

I’ll have more to say on Cloverfield tomorrow, but in the meantime, you should quench your pre-release thirst for information and take a few minutes to read Keith Uhlich’s review, if only because he’s the only reviewer who’s managed to accurately describe the monster (“basically the Attack of the Clones crab creature with the transplanted head of Hellraiser’s teeth-chattering Cenobite”). I liked the movie more than he did, but he’s got the smartest take on the film I’ve seen so far. (If you’re still jonzing, the Vulture’s got the really-actually-for-real cammed clip of the monster!)