David Mamet on Hillary Clinton

As if The Winslow Boy weren’t reason enough to like David Mamet:

And what about Hillary’s tearful turnaround?
Well, I only heard something on the radio. I don’t think I’m misquoting her. She said, “I have so many opportunities for America.”* [Long pause.] That’s kind of wonderfully revelatory. It’s not that there are so many opportunities for America, but she has so many opportunities for America.

I imagine Senator Clinton digging into her pockets to reveal this wide array of opportunities …

“But Senator Clinton … that ‘opportunity’ is a three-day old gum wrapper and a piece of lint!”

“You are misrepresenting my record. Senator Hagel himself stated that this ‘gum-wrapper,’ as you call it, is in fact a Lincoln Continental. Which it is. And I will give you one if I am elected president. But instead of being powered by foreign oil, it will be fueled by the charred remains of my opponent, radical cleric Sheikh Mu’ammar ibn ‘Obama’a.”

Clearly I’ve gone too far.

I was wondering. What do you think would happen if Islamist radicals were a more important constituency in Democratic primaries than voters who instinctively distrust anyone who may have at some point spent time in a majority-Muslim country? I imagine Clinton would don a burka and issue a fatwa against Obama on grounds of being an apostate, which is of course technically true, and then perhaps calling for his beheading. That is the great charm of the Senator — her flexibility.