A Classic Clinton Moment

I promise, this will be the last time I write about the Clintons for … for a while.

Bill Clinton says,

“I have not said anything that is factually inaccurate,” he said.

Which depends on what the meaning of “is” is, of course. Did I mention that I did not have sexual relations with that womb-man? Wait a second, wait a second … I have not said anything that is factually inaccurate. That woman is not a “womb-man.” That you can’t pick up on eccentricities in my use of language is your fault, not mine.

Later in the same interview, Clinton “reveals” his love of volleyball.

While voting took place in Meadowlake, there was also a volleyball league in action. A beaming Clinton detoured into the gymnasium, and revealed that volleyball was actually one of his favorite sports.

“I used to play when we were in law school — played on the beach a lot. And then after Hillary and I went home to Arkansas and we taught at the university law school, we played every Sunday,” he said. “We had a whole big group and we played for hours. I love it, it’s a great sport.”

I mean, it’s entirely possible that this is true, that this is “99.99 percent” factually accurate. But do you really think so?