MGMT Gurus

Because I’m sick as a dog, I’ve been laying in a crumpled pile for the past three days, fuming at the Clintons like a madman, reading, drinking water, and eating pie. This is not as blissful as it sounds, I assure you. One of the highlights of my fever (not my fever for the flavor, which is ongoing and, I fear, fatal) is having the time to absorb and enjoy MGMT’s amazing interactive video for “Electric Feel.”

And that isn’t MGMT’s only fantastic music video. Yes, I’m pretty sure they are surfboarding through subatomic particles in this one. Also, the lead vocalist is riding on the back of a housecat. I like the way these guys operate.

I’ll admit, my warm enthusiasm for MGMT derives not only from the excellence of their music. Oracular Spectacular is uneven, with a few spectacular songs and a few misfires as well. I always root for diminutive people, particularly when they are charismatic rockers. Of course, in MGMT’s case it is entirely possible that compactness is a side effect of drug use and the rocker lifestyle celebrated in “Time to Pretend.” Who can say?