The Ecology Narrative

My guess is that many of the people who read TAS also regularly read the David Brooks column in the New York Times. In Friday’s column, he names potential explanations for instability in the financial markets as the “Ecology Narrative” and the “Greed Narrative”. He cites me as a proponent of the Ecology Narrative. This is correct, except for the fact that I’m a pretty workaday writer and David Brooks is an exceptional writer, so that I’ve never conceptualized these ideas as broadly as he has, presented them as well, nor come up with a great name for them like Ecology Narrative.

He obliquely references ideas that I presented in a couple of articles that I wrote for National Review last year that touch on the capital markets regulation and executive compensation elements of the Ecology Narrative. I’ve linked to them here for anyone interested in more detail (likely, I recognize, to be a pretty short list of people).