Jack to the Future

A friend, after staying up all night finishing up season three of Lost, recently shared with me a Lost Theory of Everything that I found extremely convincing. I’ll try writing it up later (it’s complicated, as you might imagine), but basically: global warming. No, seriously.

In preparation for tonight’s (two-hour long!) season four opener, here are a couple of pieces worth reading while you’re sitting at work wondering what will become of Jack and Kate over the next 8 episodes this year.

There is such a thing as a TV wonk. At The American Spectator, Reason’s Brian Doherty notes that many of the show’s characters are named after political philsophers and suggests what this might might potentially mean. I am now predicting that by the time I’m, I dunno, old, you’ll be able to get a major in Lost studies at at least one accredited American university. (UPDATE: Via Jeremy Lott at AmSpec, I see that Tufts University already offers a course in the show.)

Really, I just. Can’t. Wait. The Vulture spoils the first two episodes for you. I haven’t read it, so please: At least post big warning signs if you’re even thinking about putting any spoilers in the comments. (Unless you know what that four-toed statue is about, ‘cause I actually lose sleep over that.)

Newbies only. Catch up on all three seasons of Lost in just eight minutes! It’s like that old awesome-abs video, but you only have to do it once.