So What Are People Who Analogize Politicians to Technology?

Andrew Sullivan, via Doug Kendall, says that “Hillary is a PC and Obama is a Mac”. The similar metaphor that I’ve always used is that The Clintons are Microsoft and Obama is Google.

The Clintons were very cool in 1992, developed a political operating system that served themselves at the expense of the rest of the party, and can’t seem to get their heads around the fact that they are now seen as The Empire and succeed by crushing their upstart rivals with market power. Growth is now slow.

Obama is the upstart that, unlike Netscape, was smart enough to avoid confrontation until Microsoft didn’t know what hit it, is the new cool kid on the block, attracts a disproportionate share of the young talent and all the great media coverage, and masks a clear desire for world domination under a cover of a groovy “don’t be evil” image. Growth is rapid.

Oh, one more thing. Google’s market capitalization is $156BB, and Microsoft’s market capitalization is $264BB.