little surprises

I’m always interested in those little unexpected moments when you realize that your own experience is less common, less “normal,” than you had thought. This can happen in dozens of ways: for instance, it was only all the talk about the last season of The Sopranos that made me realize just how many people have HBO, and how unusual I am (in at least some of the circles I frequent) in not having it.

Here’s my Little Surprise of the Day: I was reading this blog post about the proposed Microsoft purchase of Yahoo, and saw in the chart at the bottom of the post that Yahoo Mail has over fifty percent of the American email market while Gmail has less than six percent. Less than six percent? Are you kidding? Three-quarters of the people I correspond with (or so it feels) use Gmail. How did my experience get so skewed from the norm? Are we Gmail users a bunch of weirdos? And, if so, just what kind of weirdos? (And, whole we’re at it, how could anyone prefer the hideously ad-strewn UI of Yahoo Mail?)