Previously on Lost

Via Vulture (where else?), check out this musical recap of this Thursday’s Lost.

What troubles me slightly about this season is that the presence of Deputy Commissioner Cedric Daniels, Gene from Eugene, and the angry Asian man from The Sopranos is giving me a case of massive cross-genre confusion.

I actually saw Thursday’s episode while lying on the floor of a friend’s office after puzzling through a tough problem, or rather a problem I found tough. On top of that my ethernet at home has gone dead, thus making late-night blogging a challenge. My efforts to engage in psychic-blogging, i.e., sending you brief, oblique thoughts via mental messaging, have evidently failure. Yes, a few loyal TAS readers report terrible migraines that I may have caused, but no real information has been conveyed. I am hoping to go hat in hand to DARPA to see if I might be of use to the military-industrial complex. (Or should that be DHARMA?)

In truth I’ve been wanting to blog like a madman for some time now, and so I’ve collected an intimidatingly large number of links that I’d like to deploy as part of my blogging armada. So assuming I manage to find a reliable internet connection, expect to be inundated in the worst way.

UPDATE: Sanjay and Freddie have some very astute comments below. Freddie writes,

Just try to list the genre elements that the show now has going on within it. Survival narrative, obviously. The “deserted island” motif. Science fiction. Psychic ability. Places with regenerative ability. Men who are ideologically extreme (or is it just crazy?). Numerology. Conspiracy theory. Ghosts. (Ghosts!) Rather than being a positive aspect of the show (Lost has everything!), I contend that all of this is actual a major drawback. The simplicity of the beginning narrative— strangers, trapped on a strange island, who must survive against unique perils and themselves— has been sacrificed for an ever-widening circle of plot twists and new storylines, which rob the show of any thematic unity.

And, of course, there is the simple question of the endgame: what possible “secret” could sum up the show, answer the fundamental questions, in a way that satisfies? I can’t imagine one. Remember when the show first came out, when everyone had a theory— they were dead and in the afterlife; the island was a government conspiracy; etc. What possible single secret could now exist that provides anything like a satisfactory answer to the shows questions? How could any one thing explain all of the bizarre turns the story has taken, and not conflict with previous continuity? And if there is no single answer, but rather a string of small answers that have no narrative unity, well, that’s X-Files territory: a seemingly broken promise of an interesting and meaningful solution to a mystery.

As fanatical a Lost fan as I may be, this sounds exactly right.