Pay Grades

The MPAA says that maybe, possibly, with a hope, a wish, a dream, three clicks of your heels and some technological fairy dust, they might let you rip your DVDs to your computer. How? Don’t ask that question. Never, ever ask how.

The MPAA does recognize that progress on DRM needs to be made soon, or impatient consumers will increasingly turn to unauthorized sources for content. “We’re working on this right now, trying to find ways to make it interoperable,” [Dan Glickman] said, but added that pricing and business models for such a system are “way beyond my pay grade.”

Okay, fine, it’s just an expression, a catchphrase, but come on. “Way beyond my pay grade?” From the guy whose official title is “Chairman and CEO of the Motion Picture Association of America?”

(Factoid: According to Michael Kinsley, Glickman’s starting salary was $1.5 million.)

TAS contributor Tim Lee explains all you ever wanted to know about problems with the DMCA and circumvention technologies here.