why p.c. was invented

If there’s anything more depressing than Chris Bertram’s encomium to Castro’s Cuba, it’s this little gem on the Corner, which follows the following argumentative garden path:

1) Obama’s mother was a young white American woman who married a foreign black man;

2) In the 1950s and ’60s, such unions occurred “always through politics” and “usually the Communist Youth League”;

3) “Obama’s family, later, (mid 1970s) in Hawaii, had close relations with a known black Communist intellectual”;

4) “Political correctness was invented precisely to prevent the mainstream liberal media from persuing [sic] the questions which might arise about how Senator Obama’s mother, from Kansas, came to marry an African graduate student”;

5) It is therefore “time for some investigative journalism about the Obama family’s background.”

Iron-clad logic. But who knew — until now — that political correctness was invented in clairvoyant anticipation of Barack Obama’s presidential run?

UPDATE: Commenter David has pointed out that Lisa Schiffren issued a further statement which could be taken as a clarification, a correction, or an apology, or perhaps a little of each: “Before the week passes by, I want to follow up on a post I had here earlier in the week about Barack Obama’s political background. My relatively brief item has been misunderstood by some, and, on reflection, (in some cases) understandably. In particular, I overstated the connection between hard-Left politics and interracial marriage in the early 1960s, which I regret. My overarching point in linking to a piece about Obama’s earliest political mentoring was to say: We don’t know much about this man, what makes him tick, what grounds him, what his philosophy is. If he grew up during the Cold War in a hard-Left environment, that’s an insight. Does it mean he accepted it all? Heavens no. But it’s an insight all the same.” Part of the problem is that she doesn’t seem to be using the word “insight” in a normal way; another part of the problem is the strange claim that we don’t know much about Obama. But in any case, take it for what you will, and thanks to David for the info.