Voodoo Economics

The McDonald’s in this Los Angeles suburb boasts wood ceiling, silver-coated chairs, plus red accents throughout the dining area to symbolize fire and “good luck, laughter and prosperity,” said Brenda Clifford, who designed the dining area. […]

With the help of a feng shui master, the designers added details that only feng shui practitioners could appreciate. They include positioning the doors in a way that would block out bad spirits while keeping good ones inside, Clifford said.

The eight rows of red tiles near the food counter are another symbol of fortune, because the number eight is considered auspicious, she said. Meanwhile, the metal sculptures of a crane and Koi fish adorning one wall represent fertility and prosperity, she said. — AP

Hmm. I’ve already long associated McDonald’s with fertility and prosperity, so I don’t exactly get that investment, but on several occasions I’ve witnessed some majorly bad spirits entering a McDonald’s. So the feng shui thing seems like a net plus.