Think Twice

Like Matt, I highly urge you to read James’ piece on Radiohead and the last decade of their music and cultural influence. But you should also check out the rest of the new issue of Doublethink, and I don’t just say that because I’m one of the editors (though, let’s be straight: that does make a difference).

In addition the James’ piece, you’ll also find Nicholas Desai looking at what unifies the eccentric cast of economists at the George Mason econ department, Ashley Parker’s profile of four of D.C.‘s youngest conservative speechwriters, Sean Higgins on Reason science writer Ron Bailey’s dissent from the libertarian consensus on global warming, David Donadio’s profile of Ron Paul communications director Jesse Benton, and fiction by Chuck Augello. It’s all stuff pretty much tailor-made for the TAS audience, and I think you’ll find it worth your time to check out.