I Support the Patriarchy! (Just Kidding, Geeze)

Now, I wouldn’t have chosen to run Sunday’s Charlotte Allen piece on how women are dumb in the Post or any other publication, but I do think the near universal outrage over the piece is a bit much. The piece was clearly intended to be a light hearted send-up of dumb, offensive views about female behavior rather than an actual dumb, offensive piece. In theory, it should’ve worked in the same way as when incredibly brilliant, driven, and successful women with some sort of conservative pedigree dryly say things like, “Of course I support the patriarchy. This country was fine till women got the right to vote.” (Just trust me when I say this happens.) It’s obviously ludicrous and self-negating, and somewhat amusingly allows for some playful jabbing at the stereotype of conservative women. It’s not epic humor, but it works in conversation as a quick aside. The problem is, Allen’s piece is neither particularly funny nor particularly clever and doesn’t do a very good job of indicating that it’s basically satirical. Satire can be a tough thing to pull off, no doubt, but the Post’s editors should at least be smart enough to know they don’t have the ear for it and stick to running pleasantly bland columns about political affairs as usual.