More Exclamation Points, Please!

Ezra, in a post titled Punditry:

Meanwhile, Andrea Mitchell suggests that Clinton “came back from the dead in Ohio.” She was leading the whole time! WTF!?

Watching Clinton’s speech last night, in which she portrayed her wins as having given her The Momentum, and something of a Political Resurrection, I was pretty sure that Amazing Clinton Comeback! would dominate the news coverage today. And if it’s not as bad as I expected, it’s still happening. Just to take a couple of examples, Slate’s John Dickerson calls her win “extraordinary.” CNN says this was a “back on track” night for Clinton, which is better but still strikes me as a little strong. But I don’t see how merely performing to expectations (perhaps slightly better in Texas, though she was still expected to win until just a few days ago) counts as all that stupendous a victory. Important, sure, even crucial, in that it keeps the Hillary train chugging along where it might have fallen off the rails entirely. But not worthy of cooing and gushing from any pundit.