Aural Stimulations

Let me start by reinforcing my endorsement of Thao Nguyen and Rafter. Thao, especially, has soared to the top of my playlists over the last few weeks. I would recommend “Bag of Hammers” (available here). but I should attach a warning: It’s part great song, yes, but it’s also a form of infection. I now find myself bursting out into sub-Reihan renditions of the song’s chorus while in public places — city buses, my office, think tank luncheons, various Adams Morgan bistros — on a disturbingly regular basis. What to do? It’s called compulsion because you have to do it.

Fortunately, it’s not just catchy, it’s actually a really good song. So at least no one can accuse me of poor taste, which is important, because there’s this pair of jeans that I really want and I think I’m going to end up purchasing them with hipster cred.

Rafter is still strong too. The sax in zzzpenchant makes me think of Kriston Capps.

The recently redesigned Julian Sanchez points me to Born Ruffians, who are solidly catchy and pleasantly willing to engage in rhythmic shenanigans (see Kurt Vonnegut). Misc. information: The Ruffians are Canadian. They have a tour blog at Spin. That’s all.

P.S. If you haven’t listened to Dirty Projectors yet, what are you doing? I know Reihan is a thoroughly mesmerizing YouTube star, but really. Expand your horizons! (“Rise Above” and “No More” are where to start, I think.)