More Diamonds for Your Money

You should read all of Josh Levin’s consumer report on The Emperors’ Club, but I wanted to highlight this passage as particularly useful.

According to a page on “Introduction Fees,” the club ranked its call girls from three to seven diamonds based on “individual education, sophistication, and ambiance.” Prices range from $1,000 for an hour with a three-diamond prostitute up to $3,100 for a seven-diamond hooker; dawn-to-dawn rates go from $10,000 for a three-diamond to $31,000 for a seven-diamond. Bargain hunters take note: $30,000 will buy you a trio of three-diamond prostitutes—that’s a total of nine diamonds for less than the price of a single seven-diamond call girl.

I imagine the Emperors’ Club had some proviso in mind for multi-prostitute scenarios, but there’s no indication of that here.