Kaki King, The Virgins, and Alan Wilkis

We have a lot to talk about, friends. Basically, my long national Comcast nightmare (Peter and Megan have written eloquently on this subject) is about to end. I think. So my “after-hours” blogging will likely increase, provided I manage to avoid human contact (my New Year’s resolution). I was away this weekend, and I have work and correspondence to catch up on. Also, I want to share some thoughts on a few books and essays, etc. Mainly, I want to praise Kaki King’s “Pull Me Out Alive” and The Virgins’ “Love Is Colder Than Death.” (Singles!)

Also, I’d be very pleased if you listened to a really spectacular album from my multi-instrumentalist friend Alan Wilkis. We met when I was wearing a white tuxedo, way back when I first shaved my head in 2000. He was dressed as a fireman. I promise you, this wasn’t as strange as it sounds. Actually, I fondly remember this beautiful young lady who was wearing a French maid’s uniform, who refused to bring me my pants when I asked for them repeatedly and angrily. I was left with a pair of black polka dot boxer shorts and enormous white shoes. This was an even more unsightly sight than you can possibly imagine. Anyway, Alan has released a sublimely excellent album, and he actually sings! What a falsetto! Oh man, I feel so happy and proud, despite the fact that I have absolutely nothing to do with this minor sonic miracle. I particularly like “It’s Been Great,” which accompanies this oddly belligerent, mildly hostile John McCain bio from GOOD, a magazine I like very much. I’m pretty sure McCain is my candidate; you can call him McNasty if you’re Nasty.

Obama’s video, also Wilkis-accompanied, is similarly excellent.

Wilkis pointed me to an unrelated video, a subtle political commentary, that is also well worth your time. Turbo is my inspiration.