No Creed But... Well, How About Just No Creed

Since Sadly, No! has sullied my morning by reminding me of the existence of early 00s musical travesty, Creed, whose popular success may be the strongest evidence against capitalism of my lifetime, I may as well mention that, in a contest of awesomely bad movies, one reason I’ll always pick the Blade series over the Underworld films is that Scott Speedman, who plays the vampire-werewolf combo dude, bears an incredibly creepy resemblance to Creed’s leather pants-wearing frontman, Scott Stapp. That sort of thing flies alright when your name is Luke Wilson, and you’re making movies like Bottle Rocket (plus are just generally awesome). But if there’s one thing in life that’s important to me, it’s keeping my werewolf-zombie battle films as Creed-free as possible.