something I can't do

I’m closer to Dreher than to Bacevich, I’m afraid. I’ve never liked a Presidential candidate as much as I like Obama, but here’s the thing: I believe that abortion is a great moral evil, and I just can’t pull the lever for someone who supports it. I’m not making an argument here; this is more like a confession.

I agree with Bacevich that the Republicans have done next to nothing to restrain abortions in this country. Moreover, I am not even convinced that the best way to limit abortions is through governmental action. I have often wondered whether the money and energy my fellow Christians have devoted to opposing abortion via legislation and populating the judiciary with like-minded people could have been better spent in providing and publicizing alternatives to abortion.

So the situation I find myself in is not really a matter of policy, but of moral conviction. If a Presidential candidate supported slavery, even if I believed that he or she could do nothing to increase the prevalence of slavery, and even if I agreed with that candidate on a whole host of other issues, I simply could not vote that that candidate. And while (for a variety of reasons) I do not believe that people who get abortions are morally equivalent to people who own slaves, I think abortion and slavery are comparable moral evils. So, to my considerable regret, I will not be able to vote for Obama. The only question that remains for me is whether I will be able to vote for McCain.