A Heartwarming Wedding Announcement

I like to think Zach would’ve let this couple go unscathed.

She recalled her concerns about the date: “My interaction with the Army had been adversarial — going down to Guantánamo.” Meeting Sergeant Curtis, she said, was her first personal interaction with a member of the Army. “I was surprised he wasn’t toeing the official line,” she said. “He was interested. He’s proud of the work I do. He doesn’t hide the fact from friends.”

Sergeant Curtis said he wasn’t worried about the potential awkwardness of their first meeting. “I was more interested in meeting her and hearing her perspective,” he said. “It’s most certainly the opposite stance of what I have, and we spoke about it at length on the first couple of dates. I liked that she put a lot of her work toward pro bono. It showed she was passionate. It’s part of who she is.”

He added, speaking from the perspective of a man on a date, “You don’t want to draw a line in the sand — there will never be a Day 2.”

Lines in the sand — overrated.