Still Coming

Because I know you care so much, I couldn’t make up my mind which books to pick for the Russian Reading Challenge – so I committed to reading at least four of a longer list.

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Last month I finished Gogol’s collected tales about which I cannot express enough enthusiasm. The hardest thing is to make it seem effortless, and these stories were so artfully written they didn’t seem to have been written at all. And it’s especially gratifying to read a story like “Viy” next to a story like “The Nose” – to exhibit such stylistic diversity while remaining instantly recognizable – I’m just in awe. Having previously read Dead Souls, I already knew I had an affinity for Gogol’s writing, but the stories were far superior. Now I feel like I want to read a bit of critical writing about Gogol as well – the introductory essay to the translation of the stories I read was quite helpful, but I’m interested in something longer, perhaps. Suggestions?

Next up is Red Cavalry, then maybe Oblamov, maybe something else.