Something Happen Already!

I was on IWW with Megan and Michael again this weekend. We talk a lot about Clinton and Obama, and some about McCain too!

We’re sort of in a weird moment for political commentary right now where there’s not a whole lot of real news — just endless sniping (sometimes involving, yes, actual snipers) between the Clinton and Obama camps. Making predictions is fun to a point, but they’re basically useless right now. The situation is what the situation is, and it’s not like there’s some new angle on it that’s going to completely change the way we all look at the race. If you’re heavily invested in one of those two candidates, then it’s a little easier to stay invested or at least have something to say, but for those of us who’re ambivalent at best about the Democratic contest, the result is a non-news-based race that’s slightly entertaining as a slugfest but also sort of annoying because it’s so static.