Young Turks

Ross on young, Beltway conservatives:

I’ll conclude by expressing cautious hope that today’s heterodoxy among young right-wingers does mean something – and that it bodes well for the future of a political persuasion that currently seems intellectually and politically moribund.

Let me start by vigorously agreeing with everything Ross said in his post, especially the last bit. The only thing I’d add is that, while I certainly would like to see a revival (of sorts) in right of center politics, I’d also very much like to see a revival in right of center conservative journalism. That’s not to say there isn’t quality material being produced right now, but I get the sense that it’s fallen a step or two as of late, as too much of it has become devoted to little more than ideological bullying. And while I don’t think that’s always unreasonable (it is, after all, opinion journalism), I’d also love to see, along with greater collegiality, more curiosity, more creativity, more observation, and less fist-pounding. Writers of the conservative persuasion, or anything somewhat resembling it, ought to spend more time wondering about how the world is and less demanding that it change to suit their whims.