Pink Police State Watch: Upward Bear Edition

Francesca Mereu reports:

It appears that after one year, Medvedev has made huge progress in developing his yoga skills, having mastered shirshasana, the headstand pose also called also the “king of asanas” because of its positive effect on the entire body.

“I can even stay on my head,” he told the magazine Tainy Zvyozd last month.

There are dozens of different yoga schools, and it is unclear whether the president-elect practices the challenging Iyengar, or Ashtanga, yoga or the more meditative Kundalini yoga.

Prohibited during the Soviet era due to its connection with Hindu religious practices, yoga is becoming more and more popular in Russia. Yoga centers are opening every month in Moscow, and if Medvedev continues the tradition of his predecessors, Russia’s yoga craze is likely to intensify, a White House official said.