The Paunch Vote

McArdle on Obama:

On the one hand he’s tall, but he’s kind of, well, scrawny looking. But also, the political space I think he’s trying to occupy—building understanding and reconciliation between hostile voter groups—is generally seen as a woman’s role. And he’s running against a much-decorated fighter pilot renowned for chasing women until his walker started getting in the way. I’m not saying it will be decisive, but it’s probably something Obama needs to address, and I’m not sure how they will.

Stevens on Segal:

Even Segel’s physique is refreshing. Neither a washboard-stomached hunk nor a joshing fat guy, he’s the first leading man in recent memory who’s actually built like most men I know. Like its hero, Forgetting Sarah Marshall is a little soft around the middle, but all the more loveable for that.

I for one would pay good money for an Apatow-produced Obama film.