Is Santogold Opposed to Barack Obama?

Santogold, gold-vomiting critical darling, has a terrific song called “Shove It.” The chorus goes,

We think you’re a joke,
Shove your hope where it don’t shine

Granted, it seems very unlikely that “Shove It” is in fact a veiled anti-Obama tirade. But consider some of the other lyrics, which seem to echo Clinton talking points, e.g.,

And if we seem to rough it up a bit
We broke but we rich at heart

Yes, we’re tough campaigners, but we have the support of working-class whites.

Pull ourselves up now we won’t choke
It’s our time, put the lights on us

We’re less charming, perhaps, but we are ready on Day One. Also, Clinton would be the first female president — we (women) are ready for the spotlight.

Smile in your face, undermine your back
got guns for the strength they lack

While the Obama campaign presents a sunny exterior, they in fact employ brutal campaign tactics and superior resources to make up for their deficiencies, deficiencies which will become all the more salient in a general election campaign.

The question isn’t so much whether Santogold is pulling for HRC — it is whether her single constitutes an illegal campaign expenditure coordinated with Clinton’s campaign.