Millennial Messianism

The other night I caught a radio interview with the two hacks responsible for Millennial Makeover: MySpace, YouTube and the Future of American Politics, in which the authors declare the rising “millennial” generation to be the ultimate flourishing of both liberal sentiment and Democratic political power. The MySpace generation will lead us into a glorious new future of “win-win solutions,” and will leave behind “fake” social issues in favor of the ones that really matter.

Quick quiz: which of the following is not actually a reason they cited for the deep-rooted communitarian and progressive sensibilities of the millennials, and is really a parody invented by me?

1. They were encouraged to share by watching a lot of Barney.
2. They came of age during an incompetent and ideologically unmoored Republican administration.
3. They played youth sports in which everyone got a trophy, no matter how well or poorly they played.

Pencils down.

Answer #2 is the fake reason.

EDIT: For a cheap shot, check out this picture of two guys with their finger on the pulse of today’s youth.