Redbelt is My New Favorite Movie

Move over The Station AgentRedbelt just blew my mind. Watch it as soon as you possibly can. Alice Braga. Rodrigo Santoro. Ricky Jay. Tim Allen. Joe Mantegna. Chiwetel Ejiofor deserves the accolades. Emily Mortimer is pitch-perfect. The fighting sequences are explosive. There is one moment when a man escapes a chokehold that is sublime. What an unforgettable, dynamite movie. Yes, Iron Man was really terrific. Redbelt comes from another, better planet. I happen to really like The Winslow Boy and most of the Mamet movie oeuvre, but this was less fussily mannered and more affecting in a lot of ways. I left the movie feeling energized, and half-serious about learning jiu-jitsu.