Reihan's May Mixtape

I have to head out the door shortly, but I wanted to leave you with some song suggestions, based on things I’ve been listening to lately. The links are mainly to YouTube versions that are often pretty funky, not always in a good way. The mix in my mind is composed of album tracks. But yes, I’ve been running around like a headless chicken, and we have a lot to talk about. Tomorrow will be rough as I have a lot of tasks and two visiting cronies, but I’m hoping to get caught up by Sunday so that I can “opine.” So yes, shudder in anticipation. I also have a backlog of extremely high-quality guest content waiting for you!

1. Love No / The Teenagers
2. Watch Your Step / Elvis Costello
3. Trans Canada / The Constantines
4. Eyelids / The Dodos
5. Frankie’s Gun! / The Felice Brothers
6. Africa / Toto
7. Love Is Colder Than Death / The Virgins
8. Starlett Johansson / The Teenagers
9. In a Cave / Tokyo Police Club
10. Dead + Rural / Handsome Furs
11. Gila / Beach House
12. Masterfade / Andrew Bird
13. Sandy / Caribou