Peak Oil Song

Rod Dreher writes:

I wish Reihan would write a song about peak oil hysteria. I mean, who doesn’t love “I’ve Been Burgled”? But look, even the classics get old.

Because Rod is a very good friend, I’ve just recorded my Peak Oil song, “Peak Oil Song.” Click the link at your own risk. Lyrics are below the fold.

Peak Oil!

Run my car on Canola
Pick up my lady in Mineola
That’s a town in Long Island
I’m still smilin’
Peak Oil doesn’t scare me
If Hubbert’s Peak comes
I’ll commit Hari-Kari
Moe and Curly
Prophets of doom say it’s late, I say it’s early
And if doom really comes, I’ll see you in the Terror-Dome*
I’m from Brooklyn, so it’s much like home

*This is in fact a reference to the “Thunderdome.” But I’m not recording this damn thing again. I have a fever, dang it.