The Comcast Conundrum

Reihan’s struggle against Comcast is every person’s struggle. Or at least every blogger in the DC area’s.

Some day, I plan to write a full-length, filmed musical about one man’s struggle to defeat Comcast. Hopefully, it will end with our hero triumphant, a beautiful lady in his arms while he downloads a movie to his new Netflix box, which has triumphed in the video-on-demand market and become a benevolent monopolist.

Tonally, I imagine it will be something like the future scenes from Terminator 2, but with an undercurrent of Judd Apatow-style pro-slacker spirit. I’ll do the book, but, naturally, Reihan will write the song lyrics. I’m hoping James Poulos, a brilliant musician, will score it. David Edelstein will dig it, and use the word “delirious” in his review. A.O. Scott will find things to like, but will say (probably accurately), that it’s not as good as Sweeney Todd.

Until this happens, I propose some sort of (peaceful) guerrilla warfare against the cable overlords at Comcast, who have yet to be able to provide me with consistent OnDemand service, and who tend to respond to service calls from my friends by not showing up. If anyone’s boyfriend or girlfriend did this, it’d be over pretty much immediately. All Comcast customers are scorned lovers with no place to turn. It’d be tragic if it weren’t so damn rage-inducing.