Reihan the Werewolf

As some of you may have noticed, Rod Dreher has inspired me to further experiment with writing songs. The trouble is that I have no instruments, and my singing voice lies somewhere between that of a clown-murderer after a tracheotomy and the band Toto) if the band Toto consisted of four grizzly bears. All the same, I’ve written a short song about how “Reihan,” the protagonist, hasn’t been the same since he became a bloodthirsty werewolf.

By clicking on this link, you will officially hear the first Reihan Salam composition that includes a chorus.

I won’t claim that this song is “awesome” per se, but it does include some vital biographical information, including the fact that I prefer sleeping on the floor. Lyrics are below the fold.

Kill That Werewolf!

Reihan, my Reihan, your darling round shaved head
Reihan, my Reihan he hates sleeping in a bed
Reihan — he’s strange, and some might say deranged
But when the full moon comes — we all know he’s changed

Always was hairy, but now he’s grown fangs
Feeds on the flesh of his friends, hunger pangs

But can you really blame him? That’s what werewolves do
The worst part is when he howls when taking a poo

Reihan, we liked before you ate people’s brains
And when your bib wasn’t covered with bloodstains

[Beat-boxing and howling interlude]