Michelle Shocked's Anchorage

I’ve been reading and enjoying Seth Roberts’ wonderful blog for a while now. I consider the self-experimentation, in which he is the key figure, to be an extremely positive development, for the same reasons I cheer on Make magazine. Yes, it is reasonable and appropriate to defer to experts at times. But you should know why you’re doing it, and you should, as a general rule, try to understand and take control of your own health and the tools you use. Active consumption is better than passive consumption. Anyway, Roberts has really outdone himself by posting the music video for Michelle Shocked’s “Anchorage,” which I’ve never seen before.

I listened to this song millions of times when I was a kid — my sisters loved it, and I believe this was at the tail end of the cassette era. That means they had to rewind it to listen to it on repeat. The video is pretty darn entertaining, and it is quite the time-warp.