Reihan's Pre-Summer Muxtape

I realize that I’ve already made Reihan’s May Mixtape, but I’ve decided to prepare a pre-summer mixtape in honor of the return of humidity. This time I’ve carefully constructed a mix composed solely of MP3s, thus allowing me provide you with a muxtape for your listening pleasure, inspired in part by the pretty good Cool Hunting offering. (I’ve taken their lead on the SSLBY track and Titus Andronicus.)

For those of you not familiar with Muxtape, the basic principle is that you can click here to listen to the mix track by track. (I highly recommend Hua Hsu’s muxtape.) Just in case, the track list is:

The Arm / Islands
Think I Wanna Die / Someone Still Love You Boris Yeltsin
It Started With A Mixx / Los Campesinos!
The Volume / Shy Child
Other Girls / Eux Autres
The Imposter / Elvis Costello
Exploding Impacting / Belaire
Elevate Me Later / Pavement
What Would Wolves Do? / Les Savy Fav
Strange Victory, Strange Defeat / Silver Jews
My Time Outside the Womb / Titus Andronicus
Firecracker Alley / Tugboat