All Your Sins...

Catherine gives us the Indy IV forgiveness list (spoilers!):

“so i can forgive them the fact that the crystal skull looks like tin foil wrapped in saran wrap.”

“and i can forgive them a completely ludicrous five-minute-long fencing fight on top of two cars in the middle of the jungle.”

“or that the crystal skull is only magnetic when it’s convenient.”

“and that random incan ancient tribal people are still living around in secret old ancient cities despite that they have supposedly been abandoned for centuries and how do they, like, eat?”

“i will even forgive them the swinging monkey ropes.”

“and the survival of a nuclear blast in a FRIDGE.”


A good list, but I’m actually convinced the swinging monkey ropes were worse than the aliens. Come on, we can accept the existence of a tribal death cult, a Holy Grail that gives everlasting life, and an ancient ark filled with face-melting demons, but somehow aliens are off limits? As for Indy IV’s ancient tribal people, I agree that “how do they, like, eat?” is a good question. But what’s in even more pressing need of explanation is why they were still hiding out in the little dark attack-cubbies waiting for Indy and Mutt to come traipsing in with their muddy shoes and demands for treasure. Do they just hang out in those things all the time? That’s got to be pretty boring, and I feel like that’s probably not a terribly good way to generate a thriving economy.